Sterling Trader - wersja 7.5 dostępna

imagesDostępna jest nowa wersja programu Sterling Trader - 7.5. W nowej wersji na uwagę zasługuje rozbudowany, nowy system chartów. Przez kilka miesięcy można będzie korzystać jednak również z dotychczasowego. To dobra informacja dla osób, które lubią powoli odkrywać nowe ;) Przy okazji odświeżeniu uległa oficjalna strona Sterlinga.

Nowa wersja do pobrania na oficjalnej stronie Sterlng Trader -> Version 7.5.


Z innych zmian (poniżej bez tłumaczenia):


  • New Chart beta – 
    • A new charting package has been integrated into the front end.  New Chart menu items have been added everywhere the original Chart can be invoked from.
  • Trader List –  

o    Conn column added.  Displays ‘Y’ if any connections are set up on the Connections page for the trader.
o    Permissions page:  The Enable Order Desk Manager setting no longer requires the /Desk parameter to be displayed.
o    Permissions page:  Enable Chart setting has been removed.  All users are enabled for Chart.
o    Permissions page:  Reject MKT orders for symbols having neither a Last nor a Close price setting added.

  • Account List – 

o    The Allow simultaneous Buy/Sell orders setting was not restoring its value when re-opening the dialog.  Fixed.
o    Contracts page:  Controls (Max Pos and Max Qty) for individual symbols can now be entered.  Margin control is still by base symbol.
o    Risk (Equity) page:  The Allow stopped/to-be-converted Sells to continue, and cancel all open Sells and Shorts, if current position is long setting has been broken up into two new settings:

§  Allow stopped/converted Sells to continue and cxl all open Sells, if position is long
§  Allow stopped/converted Sells to continue and cxl all open Shorts, if position is long
§  (Note:  The first above setting will take on the value of the replaced setting.  The second above setting will initially not be set.)

  • Futures OE – 

o    The contract dropdown would stay open if the window was moved.  Fixed.

  • Level II OE – 

o    Column resizing modified to better handle the absence of data.

  • Options OE – 

o    Column resizing modified to better handle the absence of data.

  • Global Settings – 

o    Liquidity page:  Removed all settings relating to local enforcement of liquidity removal.
o    Level II OE page, Misc Settings dialog:  Display the full depth for Brazilian symbols setting added.
o    Hotkeys page:  The Tab key can now be used as a hotkey for the special (blue) actions.  Put in especially for the L2 Tab action.  If used for other actions, may not work in all windows as some windows have special functionality built in for the Tab key.

  • Trading Monitor – 

o    Symbols can now be drag/dropped from Trading Monitor.
o    Tooltips added for the AON, DNI, and DNR checkboxes in the Order Change dialog.

  • Basket – 

o    Delta, Mult, and Side columns added to the middle (Executed Baskets) section.

  • Chart (Original) – 

o    Fibonacci calculations now handle selection of data to the left or the right.

  • Book of Brokers – 

o    Vol (Volume) column added.
o    Would sometimes update with the previous symbol.  Fixed.

  • News – 

o    Internet links were not working from the Story pane.  Fixed.

  • Top Ten – 

o    CANADIAN added to the list of available markets.

  • Time and Sales –  

o    E - (MARKET IND) and U - (OTCBB) entries added to the Markets dialog.
o    Maximum number of symbols allowed is now 100.

  • Exchange Alerts – 

o    Brazilian symbols were not displaying properly.  Fixed.

  • Algorithmic OE – 

o    React Price column enabled for the DASH strategies.
o    Aggression column disabled for the DASH strategies.
o    MULTIOPT, VWAPPLUS, and RAPIDDK strategies removed from destination DASH.
o    Aggression field was not displaying correctly if using any value other than the default.  Fixed.
o    Display Qty quantity change bug fixed.

  • Locate Monitor – 

o    Changed icon associated with the window.

  • ActiveX – 

o    VARIANT_BOOL bExtendingOnly member added to strucSTICancelAll.  When set, will only cancel orders that would extend current positions.
o    STIOrderMaint::CancelAllOrders(structSTICancelAll *pStruct) now treats a blank pStruct->bstrInstrument as meaning all instruments, to match the behavior of the other fields.
o    New reject code pertaining to the new ‘Reject MKT orders for symbols having neither a Last nor a Close price’ setting:  -50.
o    double fPremiumMultiplier member added to structSTIQuoteSnap and to structSTIPositionUpdate.

  • Dollar Based Order – 

o    Destination CTDL added.

  • Edit Password dialog – 

o    Old password field added.
o    No longer disabled in the Portuguese versions.

  • Miscellaneous – 

o    The Order Attributes dialog can now be accessed in Manager via the Alt+R keystroke combination.
o    Non-integer point values for Futures contracts are now handled.
o    Open Buy orders will no longer cause Short orders to not be sent.
o    Canceling a Sell order with a long position will no longer cause Short orders to be cancelled.
o    The Login dialog, About dialog, and main window images have been updated.
o    The main toolbar’s images have been updated.
o    Pro’s icon has been updated.
o    Brazilian support number added and support e-mail removed from the About box.
o    Assorted Portuguese translation/layout issues fixed.
o    Assorted number formatting issues fixed.